To my friends old and new,


I would like to include you in my journey. Some of you have noticed my silence in recent months, and I now find it important to share with you my current circumstances.


I have been diagnosed with cancer and am not a candidate for surgery or standard treatment due to the size and location of the tumour. I have been advised by my oncologist to seek targeted treatments which are available only in Germany and Switzerland, not in England where I live. 


Since having landed in hospital for three blood transfusions due to extreme haemorrhage last December, it is clear that time is of the essence and there is urgency to start targeted treatments in a knowledgeable environment, as my symptoms are getting stronger. In addition, as border crossing rules are changing daily due to COVID-19, I feel the urgency to get to Europe as soon as possible for treatment. 


My oncologist has advised an integrative approach to take the best of conventional and holistic medicine for my specific case, and she has suggested to foresee three rounds of targeted treatments (potentiated specialized chemo and radiotherapies, as well as embolization procedure among other treatments) over the course of one year, with a projected cost of £300'000. This sum is impossible for me to meet on my own, and I am asking for your help to reach my goal. I am acutely aware that this is a very difficult time for us all, and I welcome your healing thoughts, prayers, donations, or just spreading the word to people you know who have the means and wish to help.


I have a six year old daughter, Leila, whom I desperately want to watch grow up, blossom and reach her dreams. I know in my heart of hearts this is a blessing to learn the lessons I need to learn, and I am determined to make deep changes within myself to ultimately bloom and thrive as a result of this journey of Life!  


I would be honoured if you wish to walk this journey with me. 


With all the warmth and gratitude I can muster,


London, 10th of February, 2021

Stiftfestival, Netherlands August 2015

UPDATE 17th of February, 2021


Dear friends, 


I am overwhelmed and deeply moved by the love you are sending me since the beginning of the campaign, just a few short days ago… It has been an incredible week and I am humbled by your graciousness. 

Thanks to your donations I have made it to Germany - I still cannot believe it.

Despite having been reassured in the UK about the condition of my kidneys, here in Germany I was urgently submitted to an emergency procedure that, together with four blood transfusions, has saved my kidney function, endangered by the nearby tumor. I am now looking forward to starting the path of treatments (potentiated specialized chemo and radiotherapies, as well as embolization procedure among others) for which I have come to Germany.


I live in the greatest gratitude to be surrounded by such an immense amount of love and support. Please know that your comments are an enormous source of strength for me, and serve as the wind beneath my wings...


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